We will deliver the best seasonal food

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  • Random Nigiri                6000Yen
  • Special Nigiri                 4000Yen
  • Top Nigiri                       3000Yen
  • Ordinary Nigiri               1500Yen
  • Anagodukushi                4500Yen
        Anago Nigiri for 4
           (Sauce Pepper  Salt  Radish Oroshi)
        Cave Catfish for 2 Chawanmushi
           (Tea Cup Steam)  
           (The offering is depending on the season.)
        *Service Time (12:00am~2:00pm)
           Chawanmushi(Tea Cup Steam) and Dessert Service
        *The Price is including tax.
        *We charge extra fee for every package
          of the takeaway.